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Friday, July 15, 2005  
Fo' schizzle, my Indizzle
I had almost forgotten this VERY funny brown-skinned humor. Be sure to scope the Comics for "Issue 15 - for them spelling all-stars".

And it was Badmash that turned me on to an American politician (of Indian origin) campaigning AGAINST corruption. That boy learned an interesting lesson from his daddy and mommy-ji.

We two, ours instant three

10:14 AM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005  
It reminded me a lot of samples I've given
And negative visuals can definately bring down the Hoegaarden (Original Belgian White Beer) experience. Don't take my word for it, check the reviews for words like "pale yellow", "cloudy", "murky", etc. I can just imagine the doctor's assistant handing me the collection container ;^)

Nonetheless, I properly decanted all but the bottom of the brew to minimize the natural yeast and unfermentable wheat, tho some purists would quaff this sludge proclaiming the health benefits of vitamin B in that "Brewer's Inch". The foamy head remained nicely firm with creamy, tight bubbles. I brought my schnozz close, expecting a waft of citrus, but it was more like cider. That smell is often associated with faulty fermentation or overly warm storage. The taste was OK, but somewhat thin, not very refreshing. I finished my glass with a nice sausage sandwich, but didn't appreciate the brew for the standalone value it lacked.

The Saranac Summer Ale was worse. The head collapsed immediately. Advertised with wheat and lemon spice, it was more like the ubiquitous "reds" found in every brewpub, but with some unidentifiable spice. Other beer opinions are not exactly gushing.

In the interest of fairness, I'd appreciate someone coming over to help me with the remaining 5-packs. Second opinions will be published to the world.


** UPDATE **
I tried a 2nd bottle of the "Hoe" and had to throw it away. Then it started storming and the electricity died for 4 hours. Powerful stuff. I gave away one of the Saranacs to my neighbor, but then the lights were off. He didn't ask for a second ;^)

12:03 PM

Tuesday, July 12, 2005  
Young kids are getting it...
and I don't mean drugs on the streets of Fairport or LeRoy, NY.

I'm talking about stem cell research, science that last-term President George W is against. While Bush and the Christian Conservatives may be running the big picture, they're missing the smaller science displays that tomorrow's young leaders experience with brilliant clarity. San Francisco's Exploratorium has an exhibit with interactive microscope that let's you see living heart cells basically created from nothing and immortal. We have a chance to see beyond the rhetoric and understand the life saving potential of generic embryonic stem cells triggered into useful body parts.

interactive microscope

9:24 AM

Monday, July 11, 2005  
You know you're not feeling well when...
...the aforementioned specialty beers have not been tasted
...Chinese hot and sour soup gets half eaten
...Reality TV has Lance Armstrong in a peloton and that's not some sex act with a bird (Sheryl Crow)

9:53 AM

Saturday, July 09, 2005  
On the word of a Prince...
I needed to get some Belgian ale called "Hoegaarden". Prince Roy has featured this brew and his good taste is word enough. Here in Rochester, NY, we're lucky to have just the place to purchase this special import. Imagine a 15,000 square foot supermarket just for beer and you'd have Beers of the World. Imagine entire sections of the store devoted to particular countries' beers. The Belgian section alone had 20-30 brands and for everything in 12 ounce bottles, there are also wine-sized bottles and larger. The Belgian beers can be expensive and overly alcoholic (11%). I'm glad the "Hoe" weighs in at 4.9%.

The Hoegaarden label translates as the "Original Belgian White Beer". It also says "witbier" or redundantly, white beer. As an ex-brewmaster, I can tell you that real beer is made with barley. I can also tell you that Hoegaarden is actually a wheat ale or weizenbier and using a little wheat brews cloudy and lighter in taste. Citrus flavors are added to complete the style. In Belgium, ancient beer recipes are guarded by religious monks cloistered in abbeys. A close look at the Hoegaarden label shows both a bishop's crook and what I think is an old style malting tool.

As long as I was shopping, I also picked up a 6-pack of Saranac Summer Ale, not to be confused with their overloaded Belgian White or Hefeweizen ;^)

Hoegaarden label symbolism

12:07 AM

Friday, July 08, 2005  
The little things you do for your employees make a difference
Over the years, I've noticed our company would post Employment Anniversaries on various bulletin boards and send out individual cards. This month marks 8 years for me, tho I haven't received a card in about 7 years. The bulletin board was empty, so I checked our intranet: there I was listed at 7 years with a first name that few know and none use. The intranet had a URL for contacting the webmaster and I'm not shy. I got the following response:
   "Calculation bug:
   We are aware of it, however, soon we moving on People Soft data and bug will be eliminated.
   Till than we do not planning to change anything."

I have a few suggestions:
1. Get to know your employees' names, especially the 15-20 you're supposedly honoring
2. If the names and years of service are tabularized monthly, innovatively add 1 to your calc
3. Get a bastard file, remove some of that callus and trim up the English language!

Here's the kicker: our company's owner was at the top of the list, robbed a year of service ;^)

** if I seem a little crabby **
I am. Infection from root canal has settled into my lymph nodes, jaw and ear. I'm on my 4th day of Amoxycillin antibiotic. It hurts to swallow, it hurts to eat, it hurts to be at work. I'm about to fix the last part.

bastard file

2:30 PM

Wednesday, July 06, 2005  
I had terrible teethache over the holiday weekend
I tried Aleve (naproxen) which is supposed to dull pain for 8-12 hours... bullshit. Then Tylenol (acetaminophen)... bollocks. Motrin (ibuprofen)... crap (and my liver is getting stressed by now). A couple of my dad's Manhattans seemed to help, but drunkeness shouldn't be confused with pain relief. When I got back to Rochester, I tried Vicodin (hydrocodone) I had left over from last year's surgeries. THAT worked, but it's a Class C narcotic and I don't anticipate any future surgeries to keep me supplied. Bottom line: after 3+ years in India, I needed to find my old dentist or find a new one taking patients. My neighbor recommended a new dentist closer to my home who took me in yesterday afternoon. After a 10 minute exam and confirming x-ray, the doc loaded me up with novacaine. Who knew we had sensitive nerves under our tongues! He said something about "removing problematic nerve tissue". I held up my hand and mumbled with thick tongue: "youuuu meent root kannalll?" He smiled a fatherly smile, whipped out a drill, and I knew better than resisting ;^(

root file

3:09 PM

Tuesday, July 05, 2005  
Long bike trip
My car is on the fritz, so Saturday I rode my Honda Shadow ACE 200mi/330km to the family cottage on the St. Lawrence River overlooking Canada. It was more comfortable than I imagined and I have no back pain tho I was glad for a gas stop each way. I get about 175mi on a full tank. If I was in India, I would get a "tinker" to fab me an oversize tank for a couple bucks. It's a great time of year for a ride in upstate NY:
   few bugs to ping off my helmet
   gorgeous orange day lillies and purple vetch line the country roads
   it's shirt sleeve weather, so my face and arms are golden brown ;^)

roadside daylilies purple vetch 2002 ACE

3:46 PM

Saturday, July 02, 2005  
You got to fight for the right to partyyyyyy!
With no apologies to the Beastie Boys, a Belgium parlimentarian cancelled a lunch in Belgium with his Iranian counterparts when the Muslims expected the meal to not include beer. The conservative Muslim faithful need to understand: "What happens in Brussels, stays in Brussels."

BTW, I see a lucrative advertising opportunity for friend and film maker Anand who needs to immediately contact the likes of my favorite Belgium beer, Stella Artois ;^)

** UPDATE ** on ideas for Anand's beer commercial:
1. Camera pans from Iranians marching out of building in a huff to robed and wigged parlimentarian hoisting a Stella Artois as he says: "It's a lot easier to make new friends than giving up my Stella."
2. Camera covers a vote tally in parliment as speaker announces: "The measure has been defeated. We will not be trading our nation's Stella Artois for Iranian oil."

12:05 AM

Friday, July 01, 2005  
Jharkhand, India is back in the news: "Naked women in public"
I have previously posted about the high rate of female fetuscide in this northeastern Indian state, but it seems some of the remaining women are valued for another illegal activity. These women are part of a timber mafia where they strip naked to distract police while forest brigands illegally harvest lumber. The police are noted as being "too embarassed" to arrest the women ;^)

7:25 AM

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