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Saturday, November 30, 2002  
My 56K dial-up ISP (sify.com) averages 24Kbps, but has now called me about their cable modem service. With dial-up, the hidden phone charges from BSNL have amounted to about $70/mo! Sify is talking 64Kbps via cable (compared to RoadRunner's 250K), but at a flat $20/mo...I'm pitching a tent. Of course, I'm wasting a beautiful Saturday waiting for them to show up. Will this be indicative of their service?

I'm off to a wedding tonight for a Madras Bull. A fleet of Royal Enfield Bullets will arrive with all riders in club t-shirt. We went shopping for the wedding gift last night & also stopped for coffee. I've already brought up the topic of beer with this club & need to be persistant. I'm sure there will be a good dinner at the wedding: veg on banana leaf.

5:57 AM

Thursday, November 28, 2002  
What a nice wake-up! The CanalKat at Stuey's Restaurant, 94 S. Union St., Spencerport, NY, "hit" one of my WheresGeorge bills with a Thanksgiving greeting. I have a feeling she was saving the bill just for the occasion. Now if only I could get some of their great chicken wings over here in India, the locals would discover REAL spice.

I never did find turkey yesterday, but I did have a poultry product for dinner: mushroom omelet. Oh yeah, I had to wash it down with a 650 (as opposed to a 40) so I could return the empty & get another shirt ironed ;^)

good wings burn twice 650 & 330

7:05 PM

Wednesday, November 27, 2002  
Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating. It's a moot point here in India other than a five-star hotel might attempt to cater to a foreigner. Recently, as I was leaving Velu Military Hotel, one of my favorite non-veg restaurants known for its sura puttu (shark), I noticed a turkey walking around the car park. It wasn't a big-breasted, commercial variety, but I wonder if it will last the day. Hmmm, I think this calls for a lunch expedition. If they don't have the turkey or shark, there's always rabbit or various goat parts.

TMI (Too Much Info): commercial turkeys are artificially bred as their breasts are too large for successful mating. I should face such a dilemma. Turkeys should watch other barnyard animals to learn new tricks...it's worked wonders for humans.

tight quarters

8:11 PM

I thought the eye doctor said: "Are you taking formulations?" and in India, that's close enough to "prescriptions" for me to answer "yes". But apparently it was "fomentations", applying heat to my eyeballs after medication. The doctor suggested that I iron some handkerchiefs and press them to my peepers. I simply told him I didn't own an iron rather than detail my beer-drinking scheme to have my ironing done for me. He gave me a syringe bottle to heat with boiling water, wrap with a cloth, and accomplish my treatment.

Hell, I previously used the word "fomentation" relating to sounds coming from my stomach after a bar-closing Garbage Plate: white hot dogs, hash-brown potatoes, macaroni salad, slice of bread, all covered by gravy or hot sauce. I guess there would be some heat or internal combustion involved ;^)

everything looks good at 2AM

1:07 PM

Monday, November 25, 2002  
I got to the eye doctor this morning. Affirmation: "I am successful & accomplished; Bollywood (Bombay's version of Hollywood) will be calling me soon". As an amateur doctor, I previously diagnosed conjuctivitis, while Indians call it Madras Eye with its own webpage. Ciprin (Cipro) drops set me back 40 cents & I now have the reassurance that I won't be getting any anthrax in my eyes. For that matter, the infection gets its own Kadi humor:
Annalum nokinaan. Avalum nokkinaal. Appuram ?
Thotrikondadhu Madras-Eye.

Just snicker, nod your head & say "yes".

11:47 AM

Sunday, November 24, 2002  
21C/70F at 4:30AM IST has to be a new low. At these temps, I'll have to think twice about standing half naked at my kitchen window, throwing sign language at my noisy, horn-honking neighbors. My speaking Tamil here in India has its flaws: a recent beggar thought I said vonga (come) when I really said ponga (go). Like I need a pariah with drugged child following me! BTW, a bunch of knee-biters woke me last night as they played cricket in the hallway under the watchful (?) eye of building Security. Look up "ugly American" in the dictionary.

8:16 PM

As a master flagellator, I sought relief (that wonderful "ahhhhhhh") in the mods to my Blog (or is it Plog?). And in my recovery, I spew not venom & bile rather the friendly features of BlogRolling & BlabberBoard (who remembers BulletinBoards?).

The weekend was good with balmy weather (low-mid 80F) & the Madras Bulls (riding pillion). Additionally, the long overdue houseboy cleaned my flat & I managed to hail the recycle-wallah to redeem my empty beer bottles (2 of which paid the iron vandy for pressing my shirts). Visiting the eye surgeon for post-op tomorrow will complete the accomplishments, tho I and all of Chennai have conjunctivitis :-(

Royal Enfield 500

9:29 AM

Friday, November 01, 2002  
After reading an unsolicited compliment on ACF below, I had every intention to indicate it's MANY, uncredited, web sources (public domain?). My particular copy was simply a spurious reaction to the most important women in my life: one who calls when she "loses Windows" (minimizing) & the other who infrequently writes (claiming RoadRunner does not support OutLook). Alas, I was too slow for the critics, the protectors of plagiary, the minions of the Millenium CopyRight Act, et al. I apologize for shaming my mother the English teacher who learned me better ;^)

BTW, the pix I post: some aren't mine and a few I don't even host (yes, I STEAL their bandwidth). And the movies I list, they're not mine either (tho I'd like to direct a certain genere d'azure). I suppose I should expect the Net Police at my door seeking signed waivers on the personal photos I have taken.

9:18 PM

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